What do you need to know about a yodie gang?

It is a song performed by a group of people in which each group member is tasked with singing one verse. Each person sings a different word (usually not a word you’d expect someone else to sing), and in return, they each get a different part of the song. The purpose is to see how each person can contribute to the song instead of all singing a verse together. The title track of our album is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp and many other platforms. This song was written and performed by Ozbee.

What is a yodie gang?  

It is a term used to describe an Indigenous Australian group of young men who are known to travel with a gang of fellow male friends, usually accompanied by a small amount of alcohol. They travel from place to place to perform various tasks such as selling raffle tickets, singing, drinking, smoking cigarettes, stealing, shooting targets, gambling, and occasionally carrying out other criminal activities. They often (pronounced yo-dee) travel by horseback, foot or canoe, sometimes joining up with other groups with similar values.

How to Promote a Yodie Gang?  

Ozbee did a great job promoting his music on his social media pages. He also promoted the album with a series of Facebook posts. He used pictures and hashtags to promote the album and a special giveaway. The campaign started on Friday, June 23rd, 2015 and ended on Sunday, July 1st. Ozbee used memes to promote his song, a parody of the American rap group Lil Yachty. Ozbee’s album, “Yodie Gang”, sold over 6,000 copies in its first week and received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike.

How to Make Money with a Yodie Gang? 

“I love the whole idea of making money in music,” says its frontman John Hill. He’s referring to the “yodelling” craze—a new phenomenon in which musicians and others with limited vocal ability sing and yodel. The trend started with a Youtube video posted in late 2011. It has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, with people using it to promote themselves, promote their favourite bands, and even win money. (Yodeling is already a lucrative business, earning some people tens of thousands of dollars a year.) Hill’s band is taking the trend in a new direction.

How to Market a Yodie Gang?

One of the most powerful marketing techniques ever existed, it was one of the first marketing teams to focus entirely on online video content. This strategy worked brilliantly because they used a series of funny videos about Yodie to get people to notice them. The video series and the music video for the song went viral and eventually earned a spot at the top of the iTunes charts.


In conclusion, The word Yodie Gang was coined in the mid-nineties by Ozbee from Melbourne, Australia. It was originally an underground hip-hop music group, and now the term has evolved into an expression of respect. It is a group of friends who all have similar interests and are close friends. They are Australian slang for a song or a piece of music often sung by young people during social unrest. The term originated due to the 1980s’ youth gang’ riots in Victoria, Australia, when youths congregated at train stations, shopping centres and city streets to listen to popular songs. However, they are not necessarily a sign of social unrest and have been around since the 1950s. They have existed in all parts of Australia, although they are more common in regional areas than in the major cities.


1. What is it? 

It is a song sung by the members of a yodel gang.

2. How do you sing one? 

You can sing it by imitating the sounds of a yodel.

3. Why do they sing? 

They sing because it’s entertaining.

4. Who makes up the songs? 

The songs are made up of the yodelers.

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